Top Australian Cars Brands

Australian Cars Brands

Australian car manufacturing has witnessed a steady decline since 2007. However, the legacy of Australian cars brands is worth celebrating. There are multiple grounds for the decline of this sector in Australia. The glory years of the Australian Cars Brands may be short-lived, but those glorious years have produced some of the most classic cars. It was at its peak in the year 1970. However, due to several flaws, the industry declined in the subsequent years. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find Australian car brands on the road. There are plenty of them. Read to know more about them.

What Led To The Decline Of Australian Cars Brands?

The Australian cars brands industry only existed through massive government subsidies and protection of the local industry. This cost billions of taxpayers dollars and artificially increased the costs of cars. The government eventually decided that it wasn’t worth the cost. The reason for this is-

Very small domestic market. In fact, so small to achieve the economies of scale needed to make cars at a cheap rate.

Very high labor costs.

5 Best Australian Cars Brands

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However, most of the cars in Australia are imported, but you can still find some of the classic Australian cars brands running on the road. Here are a few of those-

1 Holden

Holden has ceased all of its local production in the Australian headquarters in 2017. Now, this brand gets its vehicles imported from plants in the USA, Germany, and Canada. However, once it was the most famous of all the Australian cars brands. It delivered some of the most loved cars in Australia, like Commodore and Acadia. Also, it launched all its cars at a relatively affordable rate.


The parent company for FPV is Ford. It has stopped its manufacturing in Australia. However, it still imports its vehicles from overseas. FPV was the performance car division unit of Ford Australia. It has given popular cars like XY GT Falcon, A9X Torana, etc.

3 Mack Trucks Australia

Mack Trucks Australia stands for its endurance, performance, and power. The parent company for this brand is AB Volvo. It has produced exceptional models like Super-Liner, Granite, Titan, etc.

4 Elfin

It can be called as one of the most popular and successful Australian cars brands. Elfin is till now the most popular sports car makers in Australia. However, of late, it only produces two V8- powered sports cars and an entry-level T5 Clubman.

5 Iveco Australian

It is the subsidiary unit of CNH Industrial. It is one of the most popular semi-truck makers that has been dominating the Australian market since the 1990s. The most famous of all its models are Iveco PowerStar.


However, the year 2017 witnessed the end of the car manufacturing industry in Australia. Australian cars brands are still applauded. The most common cars these days on Australian roads belong to Toyota. Toyota Australia is leading the market as of the recent reports. However, Holden remains the most popular and famous of all native Australian cars brands. It still imports cars to Australia from its overseas manufacturing units. There is a history worth knowing about the Australian cars brands and no matter if they have ceased their production on the native soil. They have a past worth celebrating.

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