The Most Expensive Hot Wheels Car Is the Spectraflame

most expensive hot wheels car

It was one of the first models to be released in what is now known as the New Holland Corporation. Since it is so rare and limited edition, it is quite pricey. This also means that not too many people have it in their homes. In fact, the average person probably wants it dead.

If you want this car, then you must be willing to pay the hefty price tag. Just like any other collector’s item, the value is based on its rarity. These cars are very different from the rest. You can never predict what color or design will be next to it. If you don’t have the money or the need to own one of these cars, then consider purchasing the original packaging. These packs are still of exceptional quality and should never be replaced.

Go With The New Original Packaging

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When you go shopping for your most expensive hot wheels car or truck, look for something different. Go with the new original packaging. These are great because they not only help protect these toys but they also give them extra collector worth.

One of the most expensive hot wheels cars is the Chrome Bullet. These cars were only made in black, but the color has been changed to red. They feature chrome bodywork with a matte finish. Some of these packs contain extras such as an antenna, license plate frame, tire covers, window stickers, and a chrome bandanna. This would make a perfect set for a young teen who wants to build their very own nitro car.


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The “Prototype” Ford Camaro is also another extremely rare hot wheel toy. It was only available in Australia as a factory demonstrator back in 1975. This car even had a limited production run of just thirty-two made. Each of these cars featured an authentic Ford V-8. The chrome body of each “Prototype” camera has a black top coat.

The most expensive toy car on this list is the “erella” called the Hong Kong “Gemaco”. The most expensive gemaco that has ever been made is worth almost five hundred thousand dollars. It was only ever made in two colors: Pearl and Black. Today, these gems still belong to the “Furious Five”.

Change The Face Of Racing Forever

The most expensive hot wheels cars to collect today belong to none other than Dr. Evil himself, Mike Jones. The “Red Baron” was a collaboration between him and his friend, Bob Hoskins. Together they came up with a crazy concept that never really caught on. Instead they wanted to design a car that was half machine, half plastic. The result was a car that would change the face of racing forever, the Spectraflame.

Collectors today are willing to pay anywhere from five hundred thousand up to ten million dollars for this legendarily rare piece. A true connoisseur of hot wheels will collect not only the rare and unique cars but also the rare and beautiful colored gems that decorate them. Some of the most beautiful gems to be found in this car are the clear white diamonds, and the rainbow-colored diamonds. Collectors often prize the rare black diamond over the clear white diamonds because the black color represents death and evilness instead of lightness and purity.

Air Conditioning And DVD Players

While most expensive cars are driven around with air conditioning and DVD players, the Spectraflame was purposely encrusted with white diamonds so that the heat would keep it safe in the extreme temperatures it would encounter while racing. Many times the gems would crack and crumble making these prized possessions more difficult to find. One thing that has helped is the fact that the diamonds have a tendency to break into smaller diamonds once in a blue flame. These smaller diamonds are easier to find, but they are worth keeping only if you are trying to score one of these pricey gems.

The value of the Spectraflame is in its combination of rarity, beauty, and resale value. It’s very possible that you could personally never drive another car like the Spectraflame. You would always be considered a collector of the most expensive hot wheels. You may find it difficult to part with your cherished car, but it will always be a very valuable addition to your collection.


If you want to learn more about this legendary toy, you can find books, articles, and more on the Hot Wheels website. There is even an entire section devoted to information about the purple, blue, and gold colors of the Hot Wheels collection. However, there is no information available on where it can be purchased. Keep checking back for updates on this limited edition vehicle. If it gets released again, it will become a collector’s item just like the Black Knight, Black Phoenix, and Blue Knight products have been.

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