The Most Expensive Car In The World

expensive car in the world

What are the most expensive and rare cars in the market today? Find out more in the following article below. 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Crown – $3.9 million. The most luxurious and royal of all cars, the Rolls Royce Silver Crown was also the last car of the British royals ordered for their travel around the globe. It is almost thirty years old, and it has been kept in excellent shape. Its past is the subject of numerous books and movies.

Ford Focus

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Nearly six hundred thousand US dollars. The Ford Focus is a small and charming American car, made by Ford Motors. Its price tag does not even come close to the expensive cars in this list. It is only slightly behind the Jaguar E8 and the Rolls Royce.

However, it still has a long way to go to become the most expensive car in the world, although it already is the second most expensive car in the American car industry.

Honda Civic

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The V-12 coupe was launched in the US market a while ago, and it quickly became popular. It is powered by an advanced engine, developed specially by Honda engineers, and the car has won many prestigious awards for its performance and fuel efficiency.

The Civic’s base model sells for about one hundred and fifty US dollars, but it can be purchased new or used, under a thousand dollars in some regions. In fact, the Civic coupe is so fuel efficient, that it is now being considered for production by General Motors.

Aston Martin

The automaker has its roots in racing, and the first models were introduced about twenty years ago. Since then, the firm has consistently produced fast, reliable, stylish cars that have consistently been among the most desirable on the road.

The most expensive model is the V-12 Cupader, which has an astonishing torque of eight hundred and five horsepower. This car is also the oldest model in the firm’s lineup, and it comes with a manual as well as automatic shifters.


The only full-sized car in the series, the Citroen is powered by a powerful two-rotor V-12 engine. It is one of the oldest cars in the series and is equipped with both a manual and automatic transmission.

It features a Track-Only Handling System, which means it must be driven on a specific course to obtain optimal speed. The Track-Only Handling System is particularly useful because it prevents the car from over-accelerating when entering corners, which is essential for controlling such powerful cars.

Jaguar X Type

The Jaguar X type features a mid-engine design that is almost as long as it is wide. This type features an aluminum body that is eighteen inches front and rear, with a turbo-type I-Tuned exhaust.

The V-12 is paired with a manual top speed control, and the top speed can reach a maximum of seventy-three miles per hour. It is worth noting that this vehicle is the only vehicle in the world to feature an aluminum body.

Aston Martin

The legendary automaker has been around for decades, and the brand boasts several models of varying speeds and power. One example of this is the ZX series, which is only available in limited quantities.

Limited models of this model feature an aluminum body and a manual V-12 engine. Other notable models include the X-PS and the superbird, which were introduced in 1970 respectively. Each model in this series is the rarest of the rare, with only fifty-two examples being produced worldwide.


Of course, it is important to note that no matter what make or model your vehicle is, these cars are considered to be some of the most expensive cars in the world simply because they are so rare. The reason why they are so rare is simply because of how difficult it is to find one that still works. As mentioned earlier, there are only about fifty-two examples worldwide, meaning that even those who have dreamed of owning one would be extremely lucky if they did actually find one. However, even if you do find a working example, there is no guarantee that it will stay in pristine condition for very long, so be prepared for the possibility that it could get damaged in a short period of time.

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