Lykan HID Headlights – The Rising Star of the Automotive Industry

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The price tag on Lykan Hypersport may seem rather intimidating to many new vehicle owners. However, a closer examination of the motorcycle might reveal to you that it’s very affordable compared to most super bikes out there. The company is a division of KW Clubsport, which is based out of Ohio and is dedicated to providing the highest quality super bikes to consumers in the US. As a manufacturer, KW Clubsport offers its customers top-notch quality as well as a variety of options.

Two Main Models

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Lykan manufactures two main models of supercars, the Lykan Sanctuary Touring Car and the Lykan Xenon Touring Car. Both have been designed with lightweight materials, high-performance engines, and high-strength tires for superior performance on the road. When it comes to design, the Sanctuary Touring Car has been completely transformed from a touring saloon to a two-seat sports car. The front fender and the air dam of the Lykan Sanctuary Touring Car have been detached from the body, while retaining all the integrity of the existing factory bumpers. The radiator grille has also been modified, resulting in more cooling efficiency, and more aerodynamic profile. The radiator has been relocated to a lower position, and it has been upgraded with a 2.8-liter gasoline engine, developing 250 horsepower.

The Lykan Sanctuary Touring Car is powered by a 5.0-liter Chrysler V-1000 engine, developing an incredible torque and powerful acceleration. This supercar has also been fitted with a sporty suspension system and aero body kit. An exhaust system, low-profile air filter, full-face headlights with HID kits, and a magnesium reinforced frame complete its unique exterior styling. The interior of this vehicle is enhanced as well, with full leather seats, power tilt and telescopic bucket seats, carbon fiber dash trim, and premium sound system. Limited production of the ultra-rare Sanctuary Touring Car has allowed a lot of customization options such as using a passenger cell or installing power-conditioning units and amplifiers.

The Xenon Holographic Range

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The Xenon Holographic Range includes four colors: Hyper White, Hyper Grey, Super Black, and Titanium. The manufacturer has kept the Holographic Range limited production supercar for a reason: the limited supply of Xenon headlights could create a serious demand for this limited edition vehicle. If you want one of these headlights, be prepared to act quickly, as these headlights will only be available from the Lykan hypercar manufacturer.

Cutting-Edge Design

The Lykan Supercars has set a new standard in the hypercar industry by incorporating a revolutionary cutting-edge design, superior engineering, and superior materials. A streamlined body structure houses Lykan’s patented High Definition Light Emitting Diode (HDL) headlights. Without a doubt, this headlamp is the most important element of this vehicle. Its direct injection into the headlights creates a precise beam pattern that increases light penetration and creates an outstanding sense of precision and quality. This is something that cannot be achieved with any other bulb.

Summing Up

The Xenon HID headlights produced by Lykan are said to be the best in terms of performance and power. They are also being designed to meet the high standards of auto headlights. The company has introduced two variants of this kind of lights including the Lykan HID Twin-Turbocharged and the Lykan HID Eco twin-turbocharged. Both these variants are powered by a single engine and they come with variable intensity control. The company claims that both of these products have similar performance and offer consumers with similar benefits when it comes to power, durability and reliability. This would mean that the Xenon HID Twin-Turbocharged could out perform the high-end compact car headlights produced by Honda as well as Nissan.

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