Let Air in and Stop Fuel from Coming Out! Solve the Problem of Your Motorcycle Now! Check This Out!

Simple to use 2 Way Valve. The short pipe, which is universally suited to most bikes, makes the fuel cap simple to turn.

Replace the old vent line with this fresh and trendy breather hose. Allows a simple fuel cap to be turned.

Prevent the fuel backflow in case of a fall from the fuel tank. Maintains ventilated air in the fuel tank, but does not release the fuel.

As dirt bikes sometimes go upside down or can have the fuel out of your handy if that happens.

These problems are solved by a fuel tank vent tube with a two-way valve to let air in also to avoid fuels from coming out.

2-Way Valves Breather Hose Tubes

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Buy 2-Way Valves Breather Hose Tubes For Motocross Motorcycle ATV Gas today.




Material Type-Aluminum and plastic

Item Type-Fuel Filter

Item Weight-10g

Special Features-Gasoline tank valve

Item Width-0cm

External Testing Certification-CC

Model Name-CE03006

Item Diameter-0.2cm

Item Height-7cm


Feature-2 Way Valves

Fitment 1-Universal fit for most motorcycles

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  • CNC machined & colour anodised.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fits most 4-stroke Pit bikes.
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  • 1-2mm errors due to manual measurement


The inspection valves, which are called one-way valves, are used for various aquatic uses, such as drinking water and wastewater applications. They ensure that no environmental medium (valve outlet side) is able to access the system with protected, filtered drinking water and to contaminate it in drinking water applications.

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