Import Australian Cars To USA With These Guidelines

import australian cars to usa

If you are going to import your car from Australia and the USA then here are some guidelines that you need to follow. The import of a vehicle depends on the model as well as the destination where you want to exactly take it. For example, rules can be a little distant for cars to the east and west coast. From the cost of import to time, below you will find every relevant thing about importing Australian cars. 

Eligibility Of Vehicles For Importing From Australia To The US

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Some questions and criteria determine if the vehicle is suitable for importing or not. If the vehicle is by a US citizen, military official, government employee, or a non-resident. Next is the question of whether it’s a temporary car move or a permanent one. Then the criteria whether the vehicle is made for the FMVSS or nonconforming motor category. If the car is manufactured after 1 September 1978 and whether its model dates back to 1987 or beyond. Lastly, the question of whether this vehicle is registered in the state or not. Fulfillment of these criteria makes it qualified for further process. 

Checklist For Importing Vehicles From Australia To The US 

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A checklist is an eligibility criterion that a vehicle needs to fulfill before any shipment process. After checking the eligibility comes the need to modify the vehicle if necessary. There’s the filing of Form HS-7 along with Form 3520-1. You have to contact somebody from the DOT- registered importer. Understanding the expense is necessary too. There’s a bunch of taxes to be paid such as charges on transportation, storage, cleaning, duty, freight and insurance charges, and so on. The shipping preference has to be filled too. 

How Much Expense And Time It Will Take To Import Cars From Australia To The US?

In terms of cost, the import process will be about USD 1900. The cost may vary due to the shipping method, model of car, availability, location, port, final destination, and so on. There are plenty of additional charges too. These are charges on shipment, storage, cleaning as well as American tax and duties. Considering factors like whether the vehicle is for personal use or sales comes too in determining the cost. For US citizens and families returning from work, tour, or study abroad an $800 CBP exemption is given. In terms of time, the import process will take from 28 to 50 days. 


For importing vehicles from Australia to the US, you need to look at a bunch of guidelines and rules. From the cost of import to time, know about relevant things related to the import process in the above article. Learn about eligibility, checklist, and so on. 

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