How to Find the Top 20 Most Expensive Cars on the Market

top 20 most expensive car

So, what is the list of the top 20 most expensive car brands? Many people think that this includes any car brand name. However, it is important to know which luxury vehicle fits the bill for you. The following report includes some ideas for luxury vehicles that fit the bill.

Top 20 Most Expensive Car Models

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When many consider the top 20 most expensive car models, they often think of high performance sports cars. Many also consider performance trucks or SUVs to fall into this category. Lincoln Motors, however, excels in another area altogether: repair shops.

When you look at the top 20 most expensive car models in our survey, you will notice that Lincoln is a standout in several different industries. Lincoln manufactures both cars and trucks, and its popularity has expanded to include repair shops. In fact, the company now holds over five thousand locations across the United States, with thousands more throughout the world. Many drivers choose to go to a Lincoln dealership for routine maintenance, as well as for any parts or repairs. If you live in the U.S., you are lucky to have a choice of local dealers, many of which offer financing options to suit your individual budget.

Lincoln Mark III

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If you drive a Lincoln vehicle and are looking for a luxury car to help pay for routine maintenance visits, your best option may be a Lincoln Mark III. While this vehicle is not especially fast, it is still a highly refined model. For this reason, many owners find it comfortable to take their vehicle to a local mechanic. As you look at the top 20 luxury vehicles in our survey, you will see that many of them feature luxury features that make repairs easier, whether it is an occasional oil change tire rotation, or a new brake pad.

The Audi A4

Perhaps one of the most popular choices in the top 20 most expensive car models in our survey is the Audi A4. With its sleek design, smart engineering, and powerful engine, it is the perfect vehicle for anyone who enjoys driving a luxurious vehicle. Like many of the top luxury cars we have reviewed, the Audi A4 features airbags, power-assisted braking, and a large, fully electronically adjustable passenger seat. The standard model also comes with a host of convenience features, including dual-zone temperature control, a hand-held remote start, and leather-wrapped passenger seat fabric.

Mercedes Benz E Class

One luxury vehicle that often makes it to our list of top 20 most expensive car models is the Mercedes Benz E Class. Like many of the cars on our list, the E-Class features luxury features like the automatic climate-control system, power-assisted operation of the tachometer, and leather-wrapped seats. Although it is more expensive than most other luxury cars, Mercedes Benz recommends frequent service and repairs, so if there are any problems, it will be well worth it. The Mercedes Benz E Class has an average repair cost of roughly nine hundred dollars. If it needs a major repair, you should consider taking it to a dealership or specialized service center.

Summing Up

One of the newest entries on our list of affordable car models is the new Honda Pilot. The base model comes with a base price of nearly $20k, but a top model in the class of the Honda pilot will set you back a cool whopping $30k! Yes, the Pilot is the cheapest car in our list of the top 20 most expensive car models. Despite its low price, the Pilot is one of the most powerful cars on the market, rivaled only by the new Kia models.

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