How Expensive Is The Most Expensive Car To Maintain

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And in all seriousness, luxury cars can be very high maintenance costs. For instance, a fancy sports car is not exactly low on maintenance costs. But when it comes to the most expensive car to maintain, you get the bill!

Consider Some Other Examples

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 Most expensive cars to maintain are usually luxury cars. So they have the most elaborate features and high maintenance costs. Here are some examples:

A Bentley is probably the most expensive car to own because it is an expensive vehicle in the first place. And maintenance costs tend to be high with this vehicle. You would be hard pressed to find a Bentley owner that didn’t cringe the minute he pulled out the owner’s manual and noticed that the engine was cold. That means it takes more time to warm up the engine than most cars.

The highest maintenance costs of any vehicle tends to be with the least features. With the top model, you get a top of the line transmission and suspension. That means there isn’t much to work on. However, most drivers don’t take into consideration that these high utility models tend to have the highest maintenance costs too. And if you add up all of the high utility costs over a 10 year period, you might be shocked at just how much your car costs to maintain over that period.

 Expensive Parts To Maintain

When looking at the most expensive car brands, you’ll also find that there are plenty of expensive parts to maintain too. Take a look at the starter motor for an Acura. The starter motor alone can set you back $1000. If you’ve ever tried to change out the starter, you know that you spend several hours removing it and putting it back together. Add in the cost of belts, clutches, wirings, spark plugs, fluids and you’re looking at a few grand just in maintenance costs alone.

When comparing different brands of cars based on car maintenance costs, be sure to factor in the cost of extended warranties. With most brands, at the very least, you have to pay your first 75,000 miles no matter what kind of car maintenance costs you pay. That’s because the manufacturer is assuming that your car will last that long. However, by choosing to pay this upfront expense, you can greatly reduce the overall car maintenance costs.

Keep Your Car Maintenance Costs Down 

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One way to keep your car maintenance costs down is to shop for the most economical car maintenance costs available. Sometimes going with the lowest priced option isn’t always the best idea. It’s best to try and find a middle ground. Most brands offer maintenance plans that range from basic to extra features.

 Last Words

The most expensive car to maintain is probably one that you would never choose for yourself. If it is an unnecessary expense, then you should probably try and cut back on its purchase. After all, a lot of maintenance can actually cause you more problems than it fixes. It is still much better to buy a good car maintenance cost and pay a little bit more each year than to spend hundreds of dollars unnecessarily every year.

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