Here Are The 3 Exceptional Features Found On Best Mid Size Luxury Cars

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Yes, we undoubtedly agree that the best mid size luxury cars have some cons like higher maintenance costs, expensive spare parts, poor fuel economy, and pricey insurance packages. As a result, many people avoid investing in them, but driving Mercedes, Bentley, and Rolls Royce isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

Mid size luxury cars are quite pricey, but the features you get in them are outrageous. Every year, many new features are added to these luxury cars and grab the attention of car enthusiasts. 

Today, in this post, we’ll share the latest outrageous yet exceptional features you’ll find in the mid size luxury cars of 2021. 

Anti-Paparazzi Shades

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Someone owing the expensive luxury cars is undoubtedly a celebrity and prefers cruising on the road without any disturbance from the paparazzi. Nevertheless, the paparazzi won’t stop the celebrities from grabbing the latest mid size luxury cars and flaunt their luxury style. 

Many regular and luxury vehicles have curtains, but they are the standard ones that you get aftermarket easily. But, the anti-paparazzi curtains present in Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley sedans are 100% fully automated, and they are far better than standard shades. 

As these shades are power operated, you can just press a single button once you see the flashlights, and the curtains will automatically get activated. Such curtains can also be installed between the driver and passenger rows. 

As per the latest resources, Bentley and other luxury carmakers are charging $15,000-16000 for installing anti-paparazzi shades. 

Pocket-Size Refrigerators

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For people who prefer to take some quick shots of beer and soft drinks, many mid-size luxury cars are available, coming with pocket-size refrigerators installed in the rear seats. From Mercedes Maybach S Class to Rolls Royce Phantom, most luxury cars of 2020-2021 come with pocket-size refrigerators that allow you to keep your favorite drinks fresh and chilled. 

If you’re buying a Mercedes Maybach S Class, you can get the pocket-size refrigerator installed in your vehicle for around $1,000. Many luxury vehicles come with factory-fitted refrigerators, which also enhances the ex-showroom price of the vehicles. You can even get the refrigerator installed from the aftermarket for around $800 (tentative). 

Picnic Tables

If you have an expensive taste, going for weekend getaways for refreshment and rejuvenation is mandatory. For getting fresh air, you can just get out of the city, and your luxury beast will handle the rest. 

Yes, because the latest mid size luxury cars come with foldable picnic tables and the entire set where you can enjoy your favorite beer and other soft/hard drinks. You can get this feature in the latest Bentley vehicle designed for delivery comfort to the driving enthusiasts. 

Final Thoughts

These are some exceptional yet jaw-dropping features you’ll find in the best mid size luxury cars. These features are not just satisfying, but they are super crazy for any driver. Many other such features are added to such vehicle, but we can’t add here in this post. 

Do you want to share some extraordinary features of your luxury vehicle? Our audience is waiting for your comments!

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