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One of the best car companies that are known globally is the Ford Motor Company situated in Australia. The trademark name of the company is Ford Australia which is a United states-based automaker Ford Motor Company. Geelong, Victoria is the birthplace of the Australian Ford which was established in the year 1925. The company’s first product was the Model Ts that was assembled from Complete Knock-down Kit by Ford Canada. Australian Ford is famous for its Falcon release, which is a US preparation that is altered to fit the Australian needs and conditions.

Models with Australian Ford

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The assemblies of the new model Ford cars were done in Australia. It’s an interesting fact to know that the Ford company halted the general car production and assemblies at the time of World War II and commenced with military production to support the military war. Ford Australia in the early days assembled parts of UK productions including Pilot followed by many British inventions including Prefect, Anglia, Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac. As with the Canadian Ford V8, the Australian Form Assemblies services continued. The model the Australian Ford worked with are:

1.HatchBack – Homebush, Sydney, was the place where Ford Laser came from in 1981 and was released in September 1994.  It’s the Ford Focus that replaced the Laser model in 2002.

2.Mid-Size – Many mid-sized cars were assembled by the Australian Ford like Ford Cortina, Capri, Escort and many which all are UK productions.

3.Large Cars – Ford Australia began its manufacturing process to give a more large-sized car, Ford Falcon which was manufactured to have the design adapted from North America.

4.Luxury Car – In the name of Fairlane and LTD, Australian Ford started producing luxury cars from the year 1959.

5.SUV – From the year 2004 to 2016, similar to Falcon, Ford started releasing SUV cars, and Ford Territory which is the most attractive and popular SUV from Australia.

Currently, Ford Australia releases many other model cars including, the Ford Fiesta, Ford Mustang, Ford Puma, Ford Escape, Ford Everest, etc.

Specialities of the Ford Australian Cars

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Green Engineering

The Ford cars are highlighted by their Green engineering Technology. Being one of the leading and popular car manufacturers, with one model, the ford company has incorporated green-friendly interior parts, attracting many consumers towards their Go Green policy. Another special feature with Ford is its Ecoboost Technology. The company strives hard to keep the environment cleaner and greener and also tries to impart the same thought to the customers.

Innovative Creation

Ford is best in giving its products and services great innovative ideas and designs. They try hard to provide the customers with innovative cars and other products standing as one of the leading automobile engineers in the market. This is more suitable for the F-series, which are given many creative options including Self-Driven Technology and cutting-edge design and technology making them more popular than other brand cars

Best Value and Features

Considering the money factor, Ford Australia gives your best product for the money you pay. Based on the survey taken by the Kelly Blue Book, it is best to buy a new and lavish SUV from Ford for a budget limit of $25,000. Also when it comes to the design and the look, they are unique with unique specifications with aesthetic design and look. Features including Advance Trace stability control and Torque Vectoring control are found to be best with Ford compared to other models.


Thus Ford Australia offers customers different models of cars, that look very attractive and comfortable for the customers. Ford is continuously working with its development and innovative process including design and technology. With years of experience and work, Ford stands bold and strong in the market against its competitors.

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