Custom Decals: Easy Steps To Apply For Your Vehicle

Custom Decals: Easy Steps To Apply For Your Vehicle

Custom decals to your vehicle are the best way you can express your support or interest. Also, you can advertise your business among all other good causes and groups. However, doing these decals on your own will help you to save the expenses without a professional’s help. Moreover, it would help if you are patient when you start to apply custom decals to your car. There are many different ways to use the custom decals to your vehicle, which is also very expensive.  

How To Apply The Custom Decals For Your Vehicle?
Custom Decals: Easy Steps To Apply For Your Vehicle

The article will help you to find out some necessary steps of how you can add the custom decals to a car.  

Easy Steps To Apply Custom Decals To Your Car 

Clean The Particular Area Of Your Car  

There are few materials needed to clean your car.  

  1. Soap water  
  2. The cloth which used for cleaning the car 
  3. Power washer 
  4. Measuring and masking tape 
  5. Window cleaner 
  6. Microfiber cloth 
  7. Vinyl graphics 
  8. Chamois 

Clean Your Vehicle 

If your vehicle is not clean and dirty, then the adhesive material will stick on to the dirt on the car and not on paint. However, if you are planning to apply small vinyl graphics, then you will need to clean the entire area thoroughly. The area should be cleaned with soap water and a power washer. Also, the exterior portion is a must to clean appropriately as much as you can. After cleaning the vehicle with soap, dry it thoroughly with the help of a drying towel. Once the cleaning process is done, dry the car properly. Also, it will help the adhesive stick to the car well. Moreover, you need need to keep the windows of your vehicle clean from outside and inside as well. You can clean it with a window cleaner along with microfiber cloth.  

How To Apply The Custom Decals For Your Vehicle?
Custom Decals: Easy Steps To Apply For Your Vehicle

Stick The Perfect Custom Decal  

Few materials are needed to stick the custom decal to your car.  

  • Microfiber cloth  
  • Decal 
  • Auto body squeegee 
  • Fill the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol 

If you want to stick the decals on your window, it will be straightforward to peel and stick off. Before you start to apply the decals clean the surface where you have planned to place the decals. Moreover, it would help if you always made sure that the surface of your car or any vehicle is made completely dry.  

 Stick The Perfect Custom Decal
Custom Decals: Easy Steps To Apply For Your Vehicle
  • Step 1: You need to use the auto body squeegee, which will mainly help to remove all the wax paper easily. Also, use alcohol to clean the area and dry it thoroughly.  
  • Step 2: Now, you need to remove the wax paper carefully from the decal while doing this, you need to be patient. However, if your custom decal is more significant in size, then for sure, you have to seek help from your friends or family members to help you out with this step.  
  • Step 3: However, at this stage, you will have to apply the decal smoothly on the surface of your vehicle. With the help of auto body squeegee, ensure that the decal goes in smoothly. Also, when you use the auto body squeegee, it will help to remove the air out of the decal that filled underneath.  
  • Step 4: Once the decal is smoothly fixed in the place, then remove the application tape, which is on the top of the decal. Initially, start to remove from the top corner and then pull the tape down. Without damaging the sticker, you have to complete this step.  

Henceforth, follow all these simple steps which will help you to choose and apply the decal on your vehicle.  

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