Best Car Air Fresheners To Have Sweet Scents In Your Car

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Your car deserves to have a clean scent and smell fresh, this is why we have car air fresheners. Since numerous air fresheners exist, you should consider some factors before choosing one for your car, the most important being your preference. Do you enjoy the scent it brings? What odor do you want to rid the car of? Do you prefer spray or stationary types? Hence, we discuss the best car air fresheners to have great scents in your car.

Note that no air freshener can bring you that new-car scent we all cherish in cars. Also, instead of trying to cover-up a foul odor in your car with the air freshener’s scent, it is better to fish out the odor source and get rid of it. Learn to regularly clean your car’s interior, and avoid big messes, like tea spilling in your car. Clean up unavoidable big messes immediately.

Air Spencer CS-X3 Squash Air Freshener

If you’re for a car air freshener that lasts for a long time, this is got you. The cartridge is found to last for months. Apart from the long life, the scent is just great for your car. Its fragrance is soda based with a hint of light citrus To use, flip open the vents completely for the full scent to engulf your car. You can also decide to open the vent partly, for not too much fragrance. Then, you can place the air freshener where it can sit stationary, using the cartridge holder.

Little Trees

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You may be unwilling to spend much on car air fresheners, and understandably so. Little share allows your car the luxury of smelling nice without having to spend a fortune. With 40 different scents, you can’t go wrong with this. Black Ice scent is especially popular. Little Trees don’t give off much staying scents, making them ideal to use in cars used for Uber or Lyft.

Yankee Candle Car Jar

If you do smoke in your car, you know that simple car air fresheners won’t get off the cigarette smell. So, the solution? Yankee Candle Car Jar. This air freshener leaves your car smelling fresh and rid it of the smoke scent. It won’t be able to effectively work if you smoke in the car several times a day though. You should try out the cotton fragrance, as it works so good. It is advisable to choose the plastic jar products of this air freshener as the scents last longer than the cardboard products and also linger afterwards.

Other Quality Car Air Fresheners

Other car air fresheners include:

  • Febreze Air, to get out pet odors (Note that it’s stored under extreme pressure, so do not leave inside your car);
  • Chemical Guys New Car Smell comes close to bringing that new car smell back to your car;
  • Febreze Car Unstoppable Vent Clip does a good job in dulling other scents in the car.


Numerous car air fresheners exist, either to help your car smell fresh and sweet or to help you get rid of some other odors or scent in your car. Hence, we discuss the best car air fresheners to have sweet scents in your car.

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