Australian Made Cars- Time To Reveal The Facts

australian made cars

Do you know which one is the most progressive country when it comes to creating cars? Apart from the countries like America and Japan, Australian made cars are also the best of the lot. It is the most prominent nation globally, which contributes to the car industry, as racing is one of the best sports in the country. They are in love with their V8 supercars, so that there are limited vehicles and the speedways are in all the big cities. Many car experts are in love with the companies like Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and many more. When they compete with others, people stick to various features to make the car stand out from the crowd. These cars are even used for meetings. 

Brief Overview

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There is quite a vital thing for British cars in Australia, and you can spot a lot of them on the streets only. There are old cars that come with newer car models, and the round pulsars are one of a kind as well. There are only a very few exceptions, and you should be surprised to know that most muscle cars are sedans. Now here are specific facts that you should know about them. 

The Fall Of Holden

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Holden was a car company that underwent a generous fall in the year 2017. After about 100 years of manufacturing cars, they produced their last car that year and decided to shut down. There is a crazy change in the labor rates and changes in the culture of the car. The previous car brand in Australia was Holden which used to have a strong threshold, and even though it does not make cars, it is not obsolete totally. 

The Aussie Icon

The true Australian icon can be rendered as the Holden HK Monaro GTS 327 Bathurst, and there have been a lot of variants to choose from. It uses the V8 engine and delivers about 250 horsepower. Not only that, but it has excellent stabilizers to pull through the rugged roads, and the entire outlook is one of a kind. The Aussies are fans of really huge cars, and you will even find multiple vehicles in the drive-thru units. But on the contrary, the cost of petrol is about 70 cents for every liter. If you want to drive around like an American in those cars, you might have to take a loan. 

Quality Matters

A person can own several cars in Australia, but the quality of each of them will be top-notch. The locals are always hovering over quality than quantity, and therefore the build of the cars is likewise. For the locals’ price, they can always buy more than one car, but they will stick to one with the highest quality according to their budget. 


There is a lot you should know when you are talking about Aussie cars, and it holds numerous facts before you. Be it for casual meetings or group championships; the cars are never going to upset the driver.

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