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Mercedes Benz USA, LLC is an internationally accredited distributor for luxury passenger automobiles of the Mercedes-Benz company located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA. It is now a separate subsidiary of Daimler AG and sells cars from this brand globally. In addition to sales of Mercedes Benz cars, it also distributes the Jaguar brand. With the brand equity, the company also manufactures electric and hybrid versions of the same models. This brand of vehicles has grown in popularity worldwide due to its sleek looks, refined style and high performance. This is the reason why Mercedes Benz is so popular among luxury car buyers.

Mercedes Benz USA Details

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Over the last few years, Mercedes Benz has emerged as a global leader in automobile manufacturing. In its effort to attain such a status, it made major technological innovations such as the electric motor that moves the car from point A to point B. These days, Mercedes Benz produces not just vehicles but also electrically powered electric hybrid versions of its most popular models. Such vehicles are widely used in the United States, Europe and Asia.

For gasoline vehicles, the major innovation is the new lightweight gasoline engine that allows cars to use electricity to propel themselves forward. This is also why the Mercedes Benz E Class series is popular among luxury conscious customers. In fact, these cars have received great reviews from consumers. This makes it easier for Mercedes Benz to maintain a strong reputation in the industry. In addition to the lightweight gasoline engine, they also use advanced technologies such as DSC and DSG.

The newest model in the E Class series is the B Class series. This series represents a significant increase in luxury. The B class incorporates features found in the S class models. It offers comfortable seats, leather interior and standard audio systems.

While production of the diesel-powered cars is still continuing in Germany, the production of electric vehicles has started in South Korea. It is expected that electric Mercedes will soon take over the position occupied by the S class. At present, manufacturing only out of China is underway. Eventually, the entire production of electric Mercedes will be shut down.

The popularity of the E Class car can be traced back to its launch. The US Federal Trade Commission announced a plan to introduce regulations that would force car makers to offer an alternative fuel for their vehicles. The move was prompted by the increasing concerns about the air pollution caused by the emissions from diesel vehicles. The US Environmental Protection Agency has also announced plans to ban the sale of vehicles that produce higher levels of air pollution. It is believed that the new regulations will help reduce the level of air pollution caused by vehicles in the US by at least 40%.

The electric vehicle also benefits from developments in battery technology. Batteries have come a long way in recent times and are now far more reliable and durable than earlier versions. In addition, they are also smaller and more powerful. New generation batteries can power a vehicle to drive up to 300 miles without recharging.

The future of Mercedes Benz can be seen in several directions. A new model or design is always to be expected. The next step for Mercedes will be to compete with the Chinese manufacturers of high-tech and miniaturized vehicles. All these developments will bring us closer to cleaner cars. Only time will tell how far we can push the boundaries.

The production of Mercedes Benz also follows a strict code of conduct. This code governs all aspects of the manufacturing process. Each phase is monitored to ensure strict compliance. Each car produced is also subjected to intensive testing. All components are thoroughly examined and troubleshooted for defects and problems before they are released for use.

The final result is always subject to stringent quality control. Mercedes Benz has to be absolutely certain that each vehicle delivers the very best. Vehicle testing is done rigorously to eliminate as many mistakes as possible. All Mercedes Benz cars pass comprehensive tests by experts of the Car Club of America.

End Note

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Mercedes Benz cars are also very environmentally friendly. They run on recycled parts and engines. In spite of this, the US Environmental Protection Agency is holding the company accountable for not meeting their own set of auto emission standards. The result is that the EPA is threatening to fine the company if they do not improve their emissions standards. These cars are also highly sophisticated and boast state-of-the-art safety features.

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