Three Best Luxury Small Cars

These Are The Three Best Luxury Small Cars

Gone are the days when people preferred to travel only in big cars. Today, the demand for small, compact cars is on the rise, as they provide better functionality with luxury. The trend started by Audi with its A4 variant, which had no competitor until the late nineties. From the entire list of small cars, here are three best small luxury cars that you can think of buying.

Mercedes A-Class Hatchback

This compact small car is known to be much better than its predecessor. It is a tough competition to the Audi A3 and the BMW1 series. It focuses more on luxury and comfort rather than being sporty. This makes total sense, as it is made for city roads. Its dashboard has a very modern and designer feel. It has all the latest technologies, such as digital dials and standard twin 7-inch display screens. The build quality is excellent in the car with many premium materials. The luxury small car has a less generous rear-seat space but a decent boot space. Surely, it is a superb, refined cruiser.

Audi A3 Sportback Hatchback

The Audi A3 is better than its rivals when one wants to focus on a compact luxury car. It was built along with Volkswagen Golf’s reliable mechanical package and together along with its own engineering, the A3 proved to be a massive success. With a serious, sharp look and an interior that boasts of quality and elegance, this A3 is a complete car. It has articulate designing, excellent comfort, best-in-class technology, reliable fuel economy, and assured safety features. It even comes in 1.4-liter petrol capacity and a near super-car pace.

BMW 1 Series Hatchback (2011-2019)

BMW 1 is the smallest car of this brand that you can buy. Its first version went on sale in 2004. This car is an excellent smaller version of its brand and offers every feature that the brand has ever promised. Small and compact, it is one of the three best small luxury cars. This BMW 1 can be called a “true driver’s car.” It is the only car that can be used with its rear-wheel-drive layout and is favored by avid drivers. Its chassis has been set in such a way that it drives as well as its bigger cousins. Without a doubt, this car is enjoyable to drive and will give off a “cool” look.

All these top car brands have been in the market for a long time. They were initially only the brand names of big sedans or sports cars. Some of them have launched SUVs too, but a hatchback is rare. These three best luxury small cars from these brands are not only exceptional in performance but have also lived up to their brand name. They offer all the features their bigger cousins offer and are great to drive.

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